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Hi, %일이삼사오육%! Let's go take some photos! Let's go to the beach! Let's meet again. That's a promise! Do you have any time right now?
On a hot summer day, you went to the park to take photos.
It was just an ordinary day...

Then, suddenly, you met a girl so sweet,
it's as if she stepped out of a fairy tale.

She became the model for your photos, but soon she was gone...
  • Hey~ Did you forget my name?
    It's Yua. Yua Han!
  • Junior year in high school.
    17 years old.
  • Are you going to give me a birthday present?
    I was born on April 4th. I'm an Aries!
  • I'm 165 centimeters.
    Not too tall and not too short!
  • Oh... that's a secret,
    but since it's you...
    45 kilograms. Don't tell anybody!
  • Nope! I'm type AB.
    They say that those with blood type AB are either geniuses or fools.
  • My mom is a fashion designer,
    and my dad is a baker.
  • Yes! I adore puppies,
    so I have two Welsh Corgis.
My Room
My Room
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